Azur Speedy


Feb 24, 2006
Hi I have been a lurker for a while and I am fairly new to LV. I purchased two purses this year. I was wondering..what do I need to do to get the Azur Speedy 30. Thanks for your help!
Yup, calling the hotline is your best bet! You could keep checking eluxury as well to see if they have it back in stock. Good luck! It's a lovely bag! ;)
:yes: yup, i got mine Azur speedy 30 by Elux, chat nicely w/rep, give phone# for rep to call u when it's back on stock. it's how i got mine:graucho: -tax free too hehe! I am such a bargain shopper even when it comes to LV:sweatdrop:
That's the thing I was treated really badly before and I called the 1866 number and they were friendly and told me they would speak with a manager about and they got my name and what not but no one ever got back to me about it.