Azur Speedy

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  1. hi Ladies

    Need your help , my friend just helped me bought a speedy bag from France ...
    Can i check the LV wordings at one side is correct (right up) , on the other side is reverse ? And do u remove the keys from the lock ? or just leave it there ?

    Hope to hear from you gals soon.

  2. Yes, that is correct.
    I usually don't remove keys from the lock, only when I'm storing the bag, I take off the whole lock.
  3. phew , scare me coz my the other friend told me all wordings are right

    up .

    But how come my neverfull daimer bag wording is all straight up ?

    Thanks for the confirmation!:biggrin:

  4. If you have any concerns about its authenticity, post clear pics in the Authenticate This LV section (following the requested format).

    Most people leave only the lock on the bag, not the keys.
  5. Speedy is made from one piece of canvas; neverfull has been cut.

    I take my keys out of the lock when I'm using it. I take the entire lock off when I am not using the speedy to help prevent the hole from getting distorted.

    Congrats on your new speedy!