Azur Speedy with the tPF keychain!

  1. This little item came in the mail- and thank you!

    I've shamelessly taken off my Coach flower and replaced it with the tPF keychain!


  2. how cute! i realllly need to get one!
  3. Looks FABULOUS on azur! My favorite!
  4. Looks nice, i ordered two. I am gonna get one gold plated
  5. I like it!!!
  6. so cute, I need to get an azur speedy.
  7. Love it!
  8. Looks great on your Azur.
  9. That looks great!
  10. Very nice :smile:
  11. Very cute- I love mine!
  12. So pretty!!!
  13. cute!
  14. It looks beautiful congratulations.
  15. soo pretty!:smile: