Azur Speedy with PATINA!

  1. As requested, here are pics with azur with some patina.

    It looks good IRL, although I still prefer pale vachetta for azur.

    Note: This bag is less than 2 months old, and I don't think I use it that much, so why is it like this? Ahh!
    Well, I've been outside with this bag and it's rained about 3 or 4 times. No water spots though...They just dry up.

    Pics: Before & After
    IMGP0305.jpg IMGP0770.jpg
  2. oooh that pale patina looks great!!! so nice and even!!!!
  3. looks good. :yes:
  4. Gorgeous!
  5. i really like the honey colour :p
  6. OOOOh i love it!!! I can't wait til mine gets around that shade. I'd like it to stop there though. That's gorgeous!
  7. Very pretty!!!
    That Patina is so nice with the Azur !
  8. Pale patina, eh? Haha, I already thought it was dark!! Guess I'm into lighter?? (This is my first bag with vachetta, btw.)

    I agree. I don't want it to get much darker, but I also don't want to Shining Monkey it or anything.. Decisions, decisions: I want the vachetta to go naturally yet I don't want it to get darker! And I definitely plan to use it for the rest of the summer! :sweatdrop:
  9. looks good
  10. my MC bags are just maybe a shade darker, which i've had them for 2+ years. my azur looks like yours now, and i would like it to stop there too. but if it gets a tad darker i wouldn't mind, but i definitely could not imagine it with some of the really dark handles on some speedies i have seen. think i'll replace my handles if they get too dark for my liking.
  11. wow, 2 months and the patina has warmed up already?! I'm pretty sure it won't stop there, but I guess if you keep her out of the sun when you're not using her, it should be OK? :shrugs:
  12. I haven't used my Azur pochette in one month and when I came home it has this beautiful patina too! I can't wait until it turns even darker!
  13. Hmmm.... maybe I will learn to love patina?... We shall see. :p
  14. As Always *Beautiful*
  15. I actually prefer it with the patina- to me the vachetta looks sad and pale without it :sad: