Azur speedy VS Ivory speedy.

  1. Should I sell my azur speedy 25 to fund for a new ivory speedy 25? :sweatdrop:

    Patina color is changing now and I begin to love her less.
  2. No!
  3. Well, if you really love the ivory, then sure. And if the patina is bothering you, it will only get darker over time...
  4. Seems like your leaning more towards the Ivoire speedy so I say go for it!!
  5. I would.
    The patina is only going to get darker.
    Better to have a bag you totally love :smile:
  6. The epi speedies are a bit harder to get in and out of since they are stiffer.
  7. If you really don't like the patina, I say sell it before it gets darker!

    If you're looking for a light-colored bag with no vachetta, how about a mini lin speedy in dune?
  8. I am in lust for a azur speedy so I prefer it over the ivory. But if you are not loving it I say sell it for something you will love.
  9. Well I want an azur speedy very very badly so it's hard for me to recommend against it,lol. BUT if patina bothers you then I would get rid of it and get either the ivorie speedy or mini lin speedy in dune which would be my preference.
  10. I'm not an azur fan, but I sure love epi! I also agree with the pp -- you might also want to consider a mini lin speedy in dune.
  11. I have an Ebony one so Mini Lin wouldn't be my choice.
  12. I have both bags and while I love both, I think the ivorie is very elegant but it is true that the opening for the Epi speedies are smaller as the zipper does not go all the way end to end. I think you should go to the store to try it on to see if you're comfortable with it if you're used to canvas speedies.
  13. I'd say yes, because if you are starting to love the azur less, then it might end up not getting used. Buy something you would love ... the epi ivory is tdf!
  14. Definitely buy something you love. Even though the Azur is soooo stunning! But I am sure you will be able to find her a good home. :smile:
  15. Maybe keep it for a while and then decide. I used to love patina, and started to hate it, then now I like it again, lol. It will also theoretically get darker slower now that it's winter.