Azur Speedy smells of plastic

  1. I love my Speedy but it has a real bad plastic smell:yucky:. My other new bought bags made of damier or mono never smelled like that, they smell more like leather. I´m not planning to exchange her because the smell gets better day by day and I just love her too much:heart:, I just was wondering if you realized that too, because the production process of the canvas should be the same no matter which colour.
  2. I haven't ever had a bag that smelled bad. I have a number of Azur and Damier pieces...I don't know what you mean....Sorry, Im no help.
  3. hmm..i have an azur speedy as well but it doesn't have a plastic smeel either. :huh:a
  4. The smell is much better now, but in the first days it smelled a lot. Maybe it´s because I was waitlisted and between production and me getting it were less than two weeks.
  5. Hmm, I also have the azur speedy but I didn't notice a plastic smell. Glad to hear the smell is going away.
  6. Do you have a sensitive nose? I do & I notice things other people don't. But I'm glad the smell is diminishing!
    Enjoy your new bag!
  7. Never experienced that smell on my Azur Speedy, but like you said, it is possible to get freshly produced Azur speedy consider it's mass demand.
  8. None of my bags have ever smelled:shrugs: including my Azur.
  9. My azur speedy doesn't have a smell either. Glad to hear yours is smelling less each day.
  10. None of my coated canvas items have smelled overwhelmingly of plastic, but never of leather. Sorry, I don't know what you mean.

  11. I know exactly what you are talking about! My azur smells like that too! My mono speedy smells different and the biggest "smeller" is my Ursula! They all smell different- even down to my vernis cles!

    don't worry- I'm sure it's all normal. But it is interesting that these different materials have different scents!

    BTW---- I have a ULTRA SUPER DUPER SENSITIVE nose------- even the slightest smell of perfume I can pick up!
  12. Sorry for answering that late, I had to work late ( I somehow have to finance my addiction :p) I´m glad that you know what I mean. My nose is very sensitive, but not oversensitive. My french purse was a real bad stinker too, but know I have to smell real close to pick it up. My worst smeller is my Mini Noe, but that´s because of his preowner ( I adopted him from eBay) her perfume or whatever this smell is, was real bad:yucky:. It´s getting better too, but not as fast as I would like...
  13. Hrm, the only smell my azur has is the wonderful new LV smell that I love. =P
  14. i totally know what you're talking about!!!!!!!!! i thought i was the only one!!!!

    azur speedy 30 is made in USA and this one smells stronger than azur speedy 25 which is made in France...... but they do smells plasti-cky!!!!

    both of mine came from eLux recently ---- my mono bags never smelled this bad!!!! new stratus pm smells is OK, not my favorite though. my framboise zippy smells so much better than the agenda....this one is pretty stinky.

    my nose is very sensitive, which is good because i work with food.......and it got so much better after i quit smoking - went cold turky when i got pregnant....well, i had to for my baby!!!!!!!!!
  15. my azur speedy doesn't smell. unless, maybe my nose isn't as sensitive... lol