Azur Speedy or New Vernis Flat Pouch???

  1. I got a call from SA earlier today, she told me Azur speedy arrived.
    I have been waiting for it a while, but now I want a Flat Pouch as well.
    I can only buy one...which one should I choose? Is the Flat Pouch a Limit Edition item?
  2. Azur Speedy!! I just got mine a couple of days ago. Its awsome it looks wonderful with everything!
  3. Someone may suggest you to get both - get the LE item first, and save up again for the speedy :biggrin:
  4. if you really only can get one
    get the speedy first, remember price is going to JUMP

    then save up for the pouch
  5. that's what I am thinking...but i need to be on the waitlist again...:push:
  6. Azur SA had told me that the vernis pouch isn't going to be limited.
  7. azur speedy !
  8. I'd go for the Azur Speedy!
  9. I vote for the azur speedy too:yes:
  10. AZUR speedy
  11. Another Azur Speedy here
  12. Azur Speedy vote here too.
  13. how does the flat pouch look like? :smile: dont know much abt verniz but the red attracts me these days
  14. U must get the AZUR SPEEDY!!!! :smile:
  15. I agree with everyone.. Azur!! =)