Azur Speedy or Damier Speedy?

  1. I need advice. I'm going to be buying a speedy 25 in a couple of weeks but I'm not sure which one I should get. Eventually I will have both the Azur and Damier speedies. I can't decide which one to get now.

    My collection so far is:
    -Monogram Tulum PM
    -White mc Lodge PM
    -Toledo Blue Epi speedy 25

    Thanks for any advice:yes:
  2. I chose Damier!
  3. From your collection, I assumed that you like the soft color, so I suggest the Azur.

    However, if you're worried about the handle, you may want to have the Ebene instead.

    Either way, good luck with your choice. Both of them are gorgeous..
  4. Azur!!!
  5. I may just have to get both at the same time:graucho: This is way too difficult!
  6. i choose damier and i think to buy it.
  7. I have both and I find 85% of the time, I grab the damier. Its so cute and you don't have to worry about it getting dirty.
  8. I am bias because I have the ebene damier speedy 25. So anyways, I guess you know my choice huh? Damier doesn't get too dirty and it is great for those dark colors in the wardrobe and it also is very classy as well.
    I like the azur, but I think it is more of a spring/summer because of the light colors.

    Personally, I think you should look at your wardrobe and decide which will go with what you have. Also, I think you should try them both on at the store and see which one looks better. Damier maybe too dark or the azur may wash you out. I think once you try it on, you may find you like one better than the other.
  9. Go for the ebene!! It will look great in fall/winter!
  10. Azur...i just love it more no other reason.
  11. another azur vote here!!!
  12. ITA! I think you'll get more use out of the ebene at this time of the year.
  13. If I had to choose to buy only one right now I would get the damier only because of the low maintenance.
  14. Damier!

    I'd be soo afraid of getting the azur dirty. ><
  15. Damier if you dont want to have to take care of it and would like to use it every single day. Azur if otherwise. Personally I like azur better despite the fact that it's high maintenance.