azur speedy or azur saleya pm?

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  1. IF I can get my hands on one, which one? The saleya is a little bit more $ but I'm hoping I can put it on my shoulder once in a while if I have to (with 2 little kids). But the speedy is really cute too.:shrugs:
  2. i'm a huge speedy fan!
  3. Azur Saleya PM...
  4. it depend what u like ..
    u liek handheld or shoulder..

    for me speedy azur.. it is so cute
  5. saleya it!:love:
  6. My vote is for Saleya PM. Love that bag!
  7. I have the same problem I really love both, but I already have a damier speedy in 30 so I think I'll get the saleya PM
  8. i think they're both beautiful. someone told me the rounded handles on the sayleya are uncomfortable on the shoulder. i don;t know if that's true. i vote speedy but it's a win win question :smile:
  9. azur speedy
  10. Azur Saleya PM both hand and shoulder held really quite elegant in the smaller size.
  11. i like both, and hope to get both eventually... but if i could only choose one, i'd pick the saleya since i already have a mono speedy
  12. Both beautiful... but my vote goes to the Saleya PM !
  13. i think the saleya would be lovely!
  14. my vote's for the speedy. just gotta love em!
  15. azur speedy!!:nuts: