Azur Speedy on Elux (saved)HURRY!

  1. I have two Azur Speedies 25 and one 30 saved in my Elux cart. Let me know if you are interested and I will release immediately. :yes:
  2. :nuts: Good luck to the lucky one and thank you maritza1973 for doing this!:love:
  3. Thank you Lee. :heart:
  4. You shouldn't do that you know! Some people will be unhappy!
  5. Your opinion. I know others will be happy. Anything for my fellow Tpfers!! :yahoo:
  6. :smile: I am going to bed. I am releasing the speedies just in case someone wants to purchase one. Let me know if you get one. ;)
  7. i wonder why they are often available late at night? i keep missing them!

    you are very nice to save these for fellow members here. i hope a pf'er was able to purchase one!
  8. I am so glad you were able to purchase your Azur Speedy 25. Congrats!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae: :wlae:
  9. ^ i'm so glad i was up at the right time! thanks so much... i can't wait for my new speedy to arrive, so i can show her off!