Azur Speedy, not satisfied, pink spot on handle?!

  1. Two days ago, I stopped by the LV store on Greene Street and bought myself a Azur Speedy 30. I'm not so satisfied on the way it looks on me and some how.. the handles have a tiny PINK spot on it??? My nails are pink but i've painted them 3 days before I bought the bag so theres no way it can transfer onto the handles, right? SOO should I return, exchange or keep? I played with the bag and stuffed a sweater into it so it wouldnt have the creases and thats about it. Mom isn't happy either sooo *comments?

    *will be appreciated!

  2. You need to absolutely LVoe your LV...
    exchange it pronto for something you totally LVoe.....ASAP !!!!!!!!
  3. If you aren't loving it, exchange it for something else.
    Good luck.
  4. If you do not LOVE it then return it.:nogood:
  5. I think you should return it if you're not happy with it...but if the pink spot is from your nails, then I don't think it would be fair for someone else to end up with that one....
  6. I have transferred red nail polish to things before -- even a week after my nails had been polished. If the spot is like a line -- then it could well be your polish. If it's a round spot -- then I would doubt it.
    You can barely see it because its a size of an eraser shaving.. you know when you erase something and the pink little fuzzy stuff come out.. its that size. To me.. its not a big deal but i'm wondering how it can attract polish from my nails so easily when i just touched it to put a sweater in it.. O.o It seems so fragile and I can't do fragile bags! :sad:

    Keep up the comments! Thanks in advance.
  8. That looks like it may be a mark from a fingernail because of it shape. I would call the SA and tell her you have not carried the bag and found that there is a small pink mark on the handle and would like to exchange it. I think LV would be more open to exchanging the bag rather than refunding it since in their mind, they are going to think it was marked after the purchase. Does the pink on the handle exactly match the pink nail polish on your nails?
  9. I'm not in love with the bag either.. I loved it on other people and how it looks but when carried it, It feels like I have to be SUPER careful. I dont have any other bags in mind right now so I might as well as return it. The color doesnt exactly match my nails because the Pink is just a little design on my nail! =/
    all I did was take a new eraser and erase it! tada. now you cant even see it!

    NOW, should i return? or keep since i'm not so satisfied on the way it looks on me? :sad:
    my friend said its really nice on me but I dont think it fits me ?

  11. I would just return it if you dont feel it's you.. It's very rare you'll begin to love it, plus I don't think you would want to part with your money on something you'll hope to love! :nuts:
  12. If you are having doubts, you should return the bag. It's a lot to spend on something you might not like.
  13. If you don't love it and are having doubts, I say go return it or exchange it for something else.
  14. If you don't like how it looks on you then return or exchange it. There's no point in keeping it if you aren't happy with it.
  15. If you don't like it; Get rid of it.