Azur Speedy in NYC?

  1. Does anyone know where to find a Damier Azur Speedy in NYC? I went to the LV store on 5th Ave the other night hoping to see the 25 and the 30 to help me decide, and they were out of stock of both. I might stop by the LV Soho store this evening but was wondering if anyone knows that they are in stock somewhere else. TIA...
  2. May be you can try eLux.... I found it yesterday.
  3. I spoke with an SA at the LV store in Macys on 5th Ave and she said that they will be through their wait list very soon. Within a few weeks they would be available again in the stores. hope that helps, otherwise stalk eluxury and save on the tax.
  4. Thanks you guys. I actually stopped in at LV Soho on my way home. I had spoken with someone there this afternoon and she said they had a number of 25s but no 30s. I figured I'd just hold a 25 and compare it to a regular Damier 30 to make my decision and order from eLux if I wanted the 30.

    But....they had 30s in stock and not 25s (except a display one) and I fell in :heart: with the 30 and bought it!!! :wlae: