Azur Speedy in my shopping cart

  1. should I buy it?

    I've been wanting it for a while, but was waiting until I got paid again. Not that I can't afford it now, I'd just feel a little more comfortable buying when I've got that extra cushion. KWIM? I only just bought my damier speedy a month ago, and I love it! But the weather is getting warm here, and now my damier just feels a little too fall. But can I deal with it for another 2 weeks??? I'm sure I won't die or anything.:s Also, I just ordered a pomme agenda that's due to arrive thurs., so I have my LV fix for the week. :graucho: Not to mention..I've got a brand new Bulga that hasn't been touched! Still sitting in the dustbag and I've had it for a month!

    Anyway, what should I do? Buy Azur now, or wait?
  2. buy it now! i am azur enabler.
  3. BUY IT! NOW!

    You WON'T regret it!

    P.S. It is a 30 right?
  4. get it!! i'm really starting to fall in love with the azur line!
  5. Buy it :smile:
  6. Yes 30! I'm feeling like maybe I should wait. Although I'll be so pissed at myself if it's not available when I'm ready to buy. I hate that! :mad: It might be more fun to have the boutique experience too, since I'm buying a bag. Oh I don't know. I have to make a decision, and soon!
  7. I suggest waiting till after your Pomme arrives :smile:
    It's more fun to 'constantly' have LV arriving at your doorstep/ or visitng the boutique :biggrin:
  8. I think it's no harm to wait until you get more money. The Azur speedy won't run away. BTW, what bulga did u get?
  9. Large chocolate pudding flap tote
  10. ^i like the bag...still thinking to get a bulga bag, but it's better to save up the money for the next LV purchase!
  11. Buy it now since its hard to get!
  12. Seems like this range is getting really popular. Get it if you love it. ^^
  13. Is it really that hard to get? It seems that they're on elux a couple times a week.
  14. Well I had to wait over 2 months to get mine! :wacko:
  15. OMG....I did it! Azur speedy is on it's way! Will post pics when it arrives....:yahoo: