azur speedy for summer?

  1. okay i get that the azur speedy thing might be a little redundant but i need some help... i've never really been an LV girl, even though i live in paris and most of my friends are obsessed i've never owned anything louis vuitton only hermès chanel & balenciaga and i've always loved the speedy shape but thought the monogram was a little too show off for me but thing is i want a white roomy summer bag for the boat, the beach etc. and i already have a white chanel flap but it's not something i would carry to the beach & it's really small. in my quest for a great white bag i was walking through the bon marché and THERE I SAW A HEAVEN SENT AZUR SPEEDY 35. i literally spent like 15 mins just staring at the bag and it was just too cute! of course my parents absolutely hate LV which means i would be buying it myself, it's not too expensive so that's okay but i'm all alone in my love for the azur line and i need moral support from LV lovers :smile:. i was wondering, would you guys consider taking your azur speedy to the beach? does it get dirty easily? do your wear it a lot? do you think it would look tacky on a 14 year old girl?
    thank you and sorry if this gets a little tedious!
  2. there's no such thing as an Azur Speedy 35....

    But yes, I do you think you could use Azur for the beach!
  3. i wouldnt bring an expensive bag to the beach!!
  4. umm... I wouldn't take it to the beach, not because of the material (cuz the canvas is really durable and does not pick up dirt), but rather cuz I think the general shape/style is a little off in a somewhat sporty environment. Just my opinion... if YOU think you can make it into a beach bag, then sure.

    Tacky? depends on how you wear it, what clothes you wear it with, and your own personality. Some people in their 30, 40, 50...+++ can look real tacky imo... and sometimes they do wear really nice clothes, but their superior ATTITUDE ticks me off... lol I guess this has to do with the personality part that I mentioned above.
  5. I would not take it to the beach..

    What are your thoughts on an Antiga Cabas PM or GM? They're the perfect size, are more worry-free, and are perfect for your age.
  6. Wow.... my jaw is still dropped at the image of a 14 year old girl owning Hermes, Chanel and Balenciaga! When I was 14 years old I was babysitting to earn enough money to buy an occasional troll doll or to have movie money. How times have changed! Anyway... getting back to the Azur Speedy.... I would not take it to the beach. A tote bag would be more in keeping with the stuff you need to carry with you. When I think of sunscreen and wet sand getting on my bag I don't picture an expensive LV taking that kind of abuse. Your beautiful Azur Speedy would end up looking pretty sad. My suggestion would be for you to consider a straw bag or canvas or vinyl tote as a beach bag. You could buy one of those for under $50.00.
  7. I would not take any of my babies to the beach. Not only because of the sand factor but what about if you wanted to go to get your feet wet, would you just leave your bag with your towel?

    I think the azur is a great look for someone younger.
  8. So true!

    The bag is beautiful, you should definitely get it. I don't think you should take it to the beach. I think it would look too "refined" for the beach, you know? LV has beachy bags. Check those out!
  9. vachetta, salt water, sand, no thank you! :p
  10. Haha, everyone is going to hate me for this but I actually took my Azur speedy to the beach once. I was on vacation in L.A. and my cousin took me to Santa Monica beach, the only bag I had with me was my Azur speedy so she went with me. She didn't get wet or anything and I didn't leave her alone. She didn't get abused, still in amazing condition.

    .. and no, I don't think it'll look tacky!
  11. I have the 25 and I loves it!
  12. yes its going to look tacky on 14yr old girl because an Azur speedy 35 hasnt been made therefore its fake.... TACKY!
  13. me too me too:yahoo: nice and new and smelling delicious too.

    The beach thing probably not.
  14. I have the Azur Saleya & no I would never take it to the beach!

    LV never made Speedy 35 so if you are thinking of buying one it is a fake! Where did you see this bag, not in LV store I presume?

    Sad that your parents don't like LV but everyone to their own!
  15. When I'm on the beach, I want to enjoy the sun and water and not worry about having my bag ruined...

    There are so many great beach bags around, why not get something cheaper that won't give you a heart attack if sunscreen gets smeared all over it...there's a time and place for everything....

    Love the Azur Speedy btw and I'm not even a Speedy lover...