Azur speedy availability on elux

  1. Hi, does anyone have any predictions if it will be easier to get an azur speedy in May on elux compared to now? I check all the time and don't see any speedy styles, just the keepall, cles and pochette but no bags. I can't get it before May but am anxious that one won't be available at that time. I hope I can count on some help from you guys to hunt one down for me as I've seen done before. So starting on May 1st eastern standard time I can buy one if anyone wants to join the cause and help me look. I just hate to think I'll be waiting a long time to get one. I don't want to buy one in the boutique and put my name on the list bec. I don't want to pay tax on it, so that's not an option for me. Thanks for any input/insight you may have in advance!
  2. No worries. Ppl here are always enabling on eLux for sure!
  3. Thanks pinki :smile: I am so excited to get one! Your noe is so cool!
  4. Thank you, speedydelivery!:shame:
  5. There are azur speedy 25s available on elux right now! I have two in my cart. LMK if you want them!!
  6. Yes, I would like one. I placed an order last Saturday and it didn't go through because they weren't in stock. :sad: Did you just put them in your cart this morning?
  7. Yes, I just put them in there 5 minutes ago. Are you ready? I'll release one...
  8. Yes
  9. Did you get it?????
  10. No, I keep refreshing and it's not showing up.
  11. I'm going to release the other one as soon as I send this. Try again!
  12. Nothing yet
  13. Maybe eLux pulled it off because they really don't have them?
  14. Someone got it. lol I saw it for an instance.
  15. Do a search on "azur speedy"? I don't know what to tell you. I know they go fast. I really wanted you to get one!!