AZur Speedy 30s on elux

  1. i have a couple in my cart, on hold for PFers, let me know and I'll release them
  2. I have a 25 in my cart too...
  3. I'll take a 30 if you still have it, thanks!
  4. ok great, i'll release it now. go to new arrivals for LV and keep refreshing until it pops up. let me know if you get it
  5. released
  6. IF you still have the 25 can you release it? Thanks!
  7. Exceeeleeent, thanks Sirenized, I successfully completed the transaction and managed to use ******!!! Pays to wake up yearly. Thanks for the heads up, much appreciated. Stuck at home today in NY due to the nasty rain/snow/sleet so this brightens up my day a bit:yes:
  8. ok . releasing the 25 now. same as above. new arrivals and refresh till you see it.
  9. released. let me know if you got it
  10. it should already be there i see it
  11. YaY olive...I am so happy I could help you!!! I'm in Boston so i agree this weather it terrible. Enjoy your new speedy. I love mine and know you will too
  12. Shoot someone with faster fingers must have gotten there first for the 25. Darn it all! Thanks for trying, and I do hope it was another TPF member anyway!
  13. sorry wildcard :sad:

    hopefully it went to another PFer though
  14. Have any 30s left in your cart? : )
  15. Wilcard: Do you want one? I have one in my cart (Azur Speedy 25)