Azur Speedy 30 v Speedy 25

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  1. Which one do you prefer? Why?
  2. I prefer all speedies in a 30. I like bigger bags personally.
  3. 30 because i carry around far more than i actually need! and i think they look nicer too
  4. I prefer the 25. It just looks better on's really personal preference!
  5. 30, the 25 id cute but tiny. For me, being able to carry a magazine in the bag was what made me choose the 30 - the 25 is too small for that.
  6. Can someone post pics with their azur speedy just so I can get a size reference? thanks.
  7. I still dont have a Speedy in my collection but when, i decide to buy one, it will be 25 since i dont carry much and dont like how the 30s sag.
  8. The 25's so cute! But I'd get the 30 if I were a woman.
  9. I have a mono 25, and I love it, but I'd get an azur 30. I think the lighter color adds more pop when it's larger! Also, you can tote around all your spring/summer essentials!!
  10. I have the Azur 30 I love it
  11. Definitely the mono.
    azur just isnt my kinda thing
  12. Definitely a 30. The 25 is just too small. I'm petite, but I like big bags.
  13. Same with me! I tried on both the 25 and 30 in the store, and although I'm petite, the 25 looked small and just didn't stand out. I went for the 30!
  14. i like both but i ended up getting the 25 because that was the only size available at the moment.
  15. if it's your first speedy...i would say the mono really is a classic and you can't go wrong with it.