Azur Speedy 30 - UK or Elux??

  1. Hi I'm new here on the forum. Just wondering if anyone can give me advice about where to buy the Azur Speedy 30. I have one in my cart on the LV uk website. My bf's mom lives in london and she can ship it to me (although I prefer not to hassle her). But Ive heard about some of the members on this forum having luck with finding this bag on eluxury. I'm from Canada, but I can have my cousin get it for me (in CA). Should I just get the bag now from the UK site? Or should I try my luck with eluxury? Or should I just wait until the store in Vancouver finally gets to my name on the waitlist? Thanks!
  2. With elux you just have to keep checking under new arrivals. But as far as who to get it from, thats on you. UK might be sooner since they have it, but I would think shipping would be less if you had you cousin ship from US when it was in stock on elux. But just keep checking elux I notice a lot of azur starting to come in. Yesterday they had two different keepalls, a cles, saleya, speddy 25, and speedy 30.
  3. Candian customs are pretty strict from what I hear so you may get hit by tax/duty on it from the UK it may be better just to wait for elux or boutique