azur speedy 30 or tivoli gm?

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  1. between these 2 bags, which would you chose and why?
  2. I would choose azur speedy 30 because i'm not a fan of the tivoli gm. If it was the tivoli pm then maybe it would be a harder decision. I love speedies in generally and I think the azur is the perfect bag for the upcoming season. GL deciding.
  3. tivoli gm hands down:smile:
  4. thank you for your inputs so far :smile:
  5. Tivoli GM for sure!! The Azur speedy is lovely but I am not into the checkerboard pattern!
  6. Out of the two I love the speedy Azur but am having trouble myself with stepping over to the Damier side... LVoe it on everyone else but something about it makes me unsure, What... dont know
    Best of luck!!!
  7. Tivoli GM!!!
    I LOVE the pleats on this bag, it is SUPER cute!! :heart:
  8. Azur Speedy 30.
  9. awww this is a toughie!! I have both and love both equally and cannot part with either!
    Tivoli GM is the best looking mono bag and speedy is the best azur bag IMO. haha I'm no help! Depends what's in you collection already?
  10. I'd get the speedy because it looks fab in azur!
  12. thank you ladies! i know it is a tough decision. im having a really hard time deciding..that's why i need your guy's help! :shrugs: :smile:
  13. Azur speedy
  14. Tivoli!!
  15. Tivoli because it is more versatile, stylish and is better suited to be used all year long. Although some really enjoy Azur for the winter and summer, I tend to associate it more with warm weather months.

    Have fun deciding!:biggrin: