Azur Speedy 30 or NF MM... help me pick

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  1. ever since the damier azur stole came out ive been obsessed w/ getting an azur bag. i narrowed it down to either speedy 30 or NF MM. i had a recent snafoo w/ buying a preowned azur speedy 30 & im wondering was that a hint from the LV gods to go for the NF. im normally a speedy girl but i also think the NF MM would help add more variety to my collection.

    as far as speedys & NF go here is what i have:
    Speedy 30 - White WC
    Speedy 30 - Graffiti Khaki
    Speedy 35 - Mono
    Speedy 35 - Monogramoflauge
    NF GM - Graffiti Fuschia

    i plan to go to LV friday and i told the hubby only one new bag so which one should it be?
  2. I vote for the NF :smile:
  3. Speedy 30
  4. the vote is tied already LOL!
  5. since you already have so many speedy's and a neverfull. Go with something different... How about the azur galliera???
  6. NF since you already have several speedy's!
  7. eh... im not in LVoe with the galliera. many members seem to love that bag so i might try it on to see what all the hype is about. which do you like better, pm or gm?
  8. I am not a huge fan of the neverfull mm, so I say speedy. It appears you are ok with handhelds! If you really want a shoulder bag, I too would look at the galliera. I have a pm and love it. The gm was to big on me but those who get tend to be able to really rock it!
  9. azur speedy. gm is the perfect size for the nf, imo. you might feel like mm is too small since you're already using gm.
  10. NF since you have more speedies.
  11. NF in the MM size!!! appears that you have a ton of speedies, and the MM is the perfect size! it looks great in the Azur too....perfect for spring :P
  12. My vote is NF! Vary it up a bit! If you do consider the Gorgeous Galliera, I
    find the pm size perfect! The gm is huge! Good luck!
  13. Nf
  14. Speedy!
  15. Neverfull :smile:
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