azur SPEEDY 30 or Gucci Dgold Large HOBO!!!!???

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  1. hi looking for any everyday bag. I currently don't have anything in azur (but im also scared of maintaining it) and i also don't have any gucci bags so it would be a nice change...i really like all 3, but am having a hard time deciding which one would be a better buy or a nicer bag. what do u guys think? between these bags, which one would u chose?

    either an azur speedy 30
    gucci d gold - in brown trim
    gucci d gold - in white trim

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  2. azur speedy 30!:biggrin:
  3. Azur speedy. It's a lot easier to maintain than you think. I've seen people who have obviously worn their gucci hobo as an everyday bag and they do get really dingy and dirty; not pretty!
  4. I actually own both of these. It really depends, do you want shoulder or hand held? The D ring is super comfy and practical. It stays on the shoulder really well. If I were going to use it for an everday bag I would probably go with the D ring, even though I love my speedy, I wouldnt use it everyday. I do use it in winter, some people here think azur is spring summer only but because of the winter white I use in winter too. I have the D ring in brown.
  5. Azur speedy
  6. Azur Speedy 30!
  7. they are all nice. However my vote goes for the Speedy Azur 30!
  8. thanks for your opinions everyone! i assumed that the speedy 30 would get most of the votes still not sure which i like better. and i currently dont really care too much whether its shoulder or hand held
  9. this is a LV sub-forum, of course everyone is going to say Speedy, including me
  10. speedy!
  11. Speedy! I'm not a fan of Gucci.
  12. I don't buy Gucci anymore because the fabric gets dirty and worn down so easily. Azur canvas is a lot easier to maintain IMO. Although I still think Gucci bags are nice looking, the speedy is a better looking bag.
  13. The Azur speedy is perfect.
  14. yup! but there's also a lot of gucci lovers and owners on this sub-forum as well :tup:
  15. Azur speedy!