Azur Speedy 30 on Elux (saved in cart)

  1. I just purchased one a minute ago for myself:yahoo: ...and noticed another pop up and I have it in my cart.

    Anyone interested so I can release it for a PFer...:smile:
  2. Oh geez someone awake out there???? I don't know how long it'll stay in my cart...:sweatdrop:
  3. oh boy, don't u wish u can just ring up pp who's been waiting forever to get this bag? Congrats on ur Azur Speedy 30, I love mine! please post pix when u get them~
  4. Oh man, I wish I had my cc right now! lol! I have been dying for one of those bags!
  5. I know huh?? LOL a secret PF 800 #! I can't believe I finally got one!! I've been waiting since before Dec.!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    Thx!!!!!! I'll be postin' pics!:wlae:
  6. I just refreshed my cart and it's still in there....I was at a friends house and just got home about an hr ago and decided to ck elux and lo' and behold there it was!!! Then noticed another pop up and put it in my cart for someone...
  7. Ugh...I hope someone wants it soon...LOL cuz I'm sleeeeepy....:sleepy:
  8. i wish i had the funds....
  9. it's best to check Elux during wee hours for those hot ticket items. If you are really tire, just keep it in ur carts and hope it's still there in the morning when u wake up? thanks for looking out!

  10. Yep, LOL this is definitely a hot ticket item!!!!!!! Hmm...I wonder how long it'll stay in my cart????

    ...and Welcome!!!!!! I hope someone shows up if it does come out of my cart in the next 20 mins or something a fellow PFer can snatch it up!
  11. Should I just release it??? OR just leave it there and see if its still there in the morning...??:confused1:
  12. it's NOT going to be there in the moring if you released it now. There was 3 Azur speedy 30s and one keepall 50 on Elux last night around this time, there were all gone w/n hour!
  13. I haven't released it yet...Hopefully someone shows up soon...
  14. Oh well...

    I'm going to bed....Too too sleepy....:sleepy: I'll leave it in my cart and hope it's still there in the morning...(Keeping fingers crossed that theres not a time limit or something):s
  15. LVCRAZED... if you still have it in your cart..I Want ONE!!It's not showing up on their site..... ;-((