AZUR Speedy 30 on ELUX right now! free shipping too!!

  1. go check it out... :wlae: im still waiting for the speedy 25 :p
  2. Appears gone already!:wtf:
  3. i have one in my shopping cart. who wants?
  4. It's back!! GO!
  5. oh and get the agenda to match, there is only 1 left!!
  6. Those things move faster than lightning!! I'm watching for a 25 to appear... but it'll be a race between me and 13ubbles and all the others, ha!!! I hope they get a bunch when they get them!!
  7. i'll be checking elux all the time..keke:sneaky: hoping to get one for spring/summer season. don't worry..i will let u all know when i see it. ;)