**Azur Speedy 30- is it too big for me? (pics)**

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  1. I'm 5'2. 110lbs.
    I was debating between 25 and 30 , went with 30. I love the bag..but

    does it look too big for me? my DH says I need a big bag because I carry too many unnec. stuff but to me, it looks quiet big. what do you think?
    I stuffed with bubble wraps. it will looks better when it gets saggy??

    Thanks :yes:
    az1.jpg az2.jpg
  2. Congrats on your new bag! Yeah, prob a little bit overwhelming on you, but maybe because it is stuff with the bubble wraps. Perhaps if you could empty the bag and put your "usual" stuff, it'll look better.
  3. i think once you put your normal stuff in it it should be fine
    i got a mono speedy 30 for christmas and i think it looks fine on me and im only 5 1
  4. ^yea, I say try it out (and post pics!) with just your normal stuff. I'm 5'2" also and a bit heavier than you lol, and I think the 30 is too big on me. I just feel like I'm carrying a suitcase!
  5. i love the way it looks on you!
  6. I like big bags anyways but I think it looks perfect!
  7. I agree with the others, take out the stuffing and place your every day items in the Speedy. I'm sure that it will look much better without the stuffing. I have a mono Speedy 35 and plan on using it mainly as a travel bag as I found to my disapointment that it was too big for me to use as an every day bag. On the other hand, the Speedy 25 just seemed a bit too small for me. Turns out that the Speedy 30 is much better suited for me and I'm only 5ft. tall.
  8. Wow, it does look kind of big, and that shocks me, since I have the same bag and feel like it's on the small side (I'm 5'5" and 130, so a bit bigger than you, but not tons bigger...) compared to a lot of my other bags...it looks quite large on you!

    I love the size of the 30, but in your case, I'd go with what you feel comfortable with - I'm sure the 30 or 25 will both look great.
  9. We are just about the same size and for me the Speedy 30 is to big. It is beautiful though. Congrats.
  10. Take the stuffing out, it will make the bag look alot smaller. I think you will love it once you start using it. Congrats!!!
  11. i don't think it's big at all. You are just about my size and I have the Azur 30. 25 was too small for me. I think it's perfect.
  12. Love, do take the bubbles wrap out, put your normal stuff and send modelling pics, prob it will look different.
  13. Nope, I think it looks good (without the stuffing, do take that out). The 25's are too small IMO, I really notice the difference when I carry my Cerises (which is the 25 of course) and when I carry my others...the 30's are much more comfy and look more normal.
  14. thanks all!!!

    so, I took bubble wraps out and put everyday stuff like wallet, cosmetic case, phone..

    does it looks better? it does to me little bit.:yes:
  15. Still looks good to me. :tup: