Azur Speedy 30 for 50 something women

  1. How many of us.... 50 plus women.... have the Azur Speedy 30? I have been hesitant to think seriously about getting one because I have only seen the younger set carrying this bag. My set carries the Damier Ebene 30 more often..... from what I have seen in my area. Thoughts?
  2. Yes, I have thoughts. But, I am only 48, so does that count? I hope so, because here is my thought: Do you love it? Okay! I happen to own both Damier Speedy 30's, the Ebene and the Azur. One for winter, one for summer. Do I think one of them is more mature than the other? Heck no. They're both gorgeous bags. No age requirements or limits. Hesitate no longer!
  3. I think it's fine!!! I'll still be carrying mine at that age. I'm 35 and I love mine!!
  4. LV does not come with a sell-by date like milk and beauty does not come with age limits. Not in bags. Not in art or in life. Wear what you love and you will be beautiful and appropriate, besides.
  5. The bag is a classic shape, and you can't go wrong with that. Go for it!
  6. I am 40 something...and I do not see one for older or younger. They are both beautiful! How about getting both! :yes: I just got the Hampstead in the Ebene and I am seriously thinking about going back for the Azure as well :smile:.
  7. My Mom is 66 and rocks her mono Speedy 25! I say carry what makes your heart sing.
  8. I agree that I see more younger girls with azur, but I think it might be because women of your "set" may have bought their lvs before azurwas launched? I think you'd lookgreat with azur. It's a great classic pattern that isnot at all limited to age. I once visited LV seeing a mature woman buying a speedy, koala wallet, pochette and clés in azur. She tried it on and it looked great.
  9. I am 29 so I guess I cannot speak from experience so to speak, but I think Azur looks stunning on any age person. LV is for the most part timeless IMO, I determine if it is appropriate more by the outfit the person is wearing than their age. I think you can totally wear this with confidence!
  10. Hmm...I am also a 40 something and I say go for it...No age limit to good taste! Closer to 50 than 40 at this point and I'm not giving up my Love for LV.
  11. Perfectly Put!
  12. I am 40-ish and consider this a classic purse that anyone can wear. If it fits your style, it is perfect. Azur is gorgeous.
  13. I think it would be a fabulous bag for a woman in her 50's. I'm 41 and will definately be carrying my Speedy's in my 50's. Azur is a fresh new twist on the Speedy & thats a great thing!! It will look beautiful on you I'm sure:tup:
  14. Thank you, guys! You are all so supportive! I love you all.
  15. I'm closer to 5-0 than 4-0 and I'm thinking of getting this bag next...I say go for what you like...I think this bag rocks and can't wait to add it...thanks for starting this's nice to know there are other "mature" pfers out here :yes: