Azur Speedy 30 at Copley Place Mall (Boston)

  1. I just arrived here in Boston from Vancouver this afternoon for an interview at Harvard Dentistry tomorrow and decided to go to Copley Place to shop and bought the Azur Speedy 30! They have about 4 more if anyone wants one!

    warning: The asian sales lady is so mean! She was really fake and nice at the beginning, but when I asked for a box (she didnt give me one initially), she said they ran out, then gave her the other sales lady a evil smirk. But I probably cant fit the box in my luggage anyways, so I just didnt bother.

    Good luck to anyone else who is looking for one! Hopefully they will still be there!
  2. Welcome to TPF!:flowers:
    Thanks for the info!
  3. tx will call my SA there tomorrow
  4. Welcome to tPF jen! And congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm heading Copley at the end of March for a conference....I hope I don't get a mean SA! I'll watch out for that one,.
  5. Congrats on the BEAUTIFUL Azur Speedy! Sorry about the rude lady! I hate when they are like that!
  6. i know that lady very well...:cursing:
  7. Congrats! And welcome to TPF!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Thanks for the info!! I'm going to Copely on March 3rd!
  10. congrats on the azur btw. it is a beautiful bag
  11. Ah, the meanies at the Copley store. If it was the older woman, I'm not surprised. (I forgot her name.) You gotta be firm with her then she's sweet as pie. :yes:

    Congrats on your purchase! I'm going to Beantown on Friday! I'm on a mission.

    BTW, us locals need to plan for that end of March tPF outing.
  12. Congratulations on your bag and welcome !