Azur speedy 30 arrived... Modeling pics!

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  1. My azur speedy 30 arrived this weekend. I got it from a fellow tpf'er but through an ebay transaction. It went smoothly and she's a sweetheart. xoxox you know who you are:flowers: I was initially planning on getting it from elux, but they were taking way too long to restock, was waiting two months, so I resorted to ebay. I got lucky to find a trusted tpf'er with a beautiful bag that she purchased off elux this past Aug.

    Here is a modeling pic with a winter outfit, although I got this bag with spring/summer in mind. I think it goes great with creme. My pictures are insanely blurry, sorry about that, all my modeling bag pics are always so blurry.




    pics of the bag, I love it's gentle patina! I don't like having to put a new protective patina on a bag bec. it takes me forever since my bags don't get a lot of action, lol.


    the whole bag family...

  2. love the azur. Congrats!!!
  3. Looks great on you! I have a 25!!
  4. very nice...:tup:
  5. congrats, its beautiful and looks awesome on you!
  6. Ive got that one, too! It does look lovely with cream-- and it looks great on you, too. Wear in good health!
  7. Very nice. It will be perfect for summer!
  8. Just perfection!
  9. You have quite the little Speedy collection going there! Love your new azur! Congrats!
  10. It's nice. I love Azur, it's so yummy! And yours has a nice patina going on. You will get complimented (or stared at) so much with this bag! I have one and just love her to death. I also like how you winterized the look, since so many people think it's just a summer bag. Congrats!
  11. It's so cute ... congrats! I love your collection!
  12. very nice collection you have there. I really love the azur and it looks fantastic on you!!
  13. Thanks for looking and for the sweet comments!:balloon:
  14. oooo its perfect!!! looks great on you.
  15. Congrats! Nice collection! Your boots are cute!