1. there are at least 9 ... had to do a number check. im releasing them for you now.... hurry girls hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ohhhh... that's pretty...
  3. siren- I just saw them too! I want one-but DH will kill me. If they are still there in a few hours, I am getting it!
  4. blew415... i won't tell...just do it :devil:
  5. Cry.. I want one so bad !!
  6. I'm ordering one now. I want a Louis Vuitton box for it, but it says eLuxury giftbox. Will it come in an LV box?
  7. u dont need to check gift box. they all come with the LV box
  8. ok.... get it! get ! get it ! :devil: :devil: :devil:
  9. OK, thanks. I didn't check the giftbox option then. I got one!! I got ****** and free shipping!! :yahoo:
  10. YAY BEAN!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    you are going to LOVE it!!! wait till it starts to get some patina.. it becomes more and more beautiful...
  11. Thanks Sirenized! I'm so excited. Do you work for eLux? I read many threads on caring for the vachetta. Do you recommend treating it?
  12. no, i dont work for elux. i don't treat the vachetta on my azur speedy, i am just pretty careful. only clean dry hands, don't take it out when it rains etc. once the patina fully develops you wont have to worry about it much, but until then just be careful. if you do a search for the azur patina you can see how it changes and how much better it looks then when the vachetta is very pale
  13. Thank you. I'll be very careful with it. I thought you worked for eLux because you knew exactly how many bags they had.
  14. Oh I just bought something the other day but I'm still dying for an azur speedy!
  15. I added one to my basket! now, im not sure if i want that one or the regular damier speedy 25, what do you guys think???? :confused1: