Azur Speedy 25 OR Montorgueil PM? Help!

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  1. i LOVE azur speedy so i'd get that one.. it's soo great for the summer! monty is reasonably priced and very roomy.. so if you're a practical person then get the monty because speedy25 is a little small but speedy30 is too big (well with that size you can put so much in it which makes the hand-carried only bag very heavy) whereas monty is more comfy to carry. so, i'd personally choose azur speedy 25 because i just LOVE azur.. even though monty is very practical it lacks the wow factor.
  2. Speedy 25 is def. not too small for me! I have two 25a right now and I dont even fill half of the bag lol!:P
  3. Definitely the Monty! I prefer the Azur in smaller items (ie. cles). The Monty is perfect for all-year, not just for Spring and a shoulder bag is always more convenient.