Azur Speedy 25 OR Montorgueil PM? Help!

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  1. So I probably want to own both eventually, but right now I am torn! Azur would be so nice for summer right now, but ive been looking for a cute more compact shoulder bag for a collection is below in my sig what do you guys think, which one first??? TIA:flowers::jammin:
  2. I say the azur Speedy. You are right on track that this is the perfect time of year for one. It's so unique and different looking that the mono Monty. Don't get me wrong I love the Monty too, but the azur Speedy gets me A LOT of compliments. Not too many people (outside this forum) recognize the color/pattern but they DO recognize the Speedy and love to ask. I really love it and hope you do to if you decide to go with it!
  3. The only thing that im scared of with the Azur Speedy is denim transfer:s ..That would totally ruin it for me and I wear alot of denim so im not sure!
  4. monty for now ;) since you already have 2 speedies.
  5. I agree, the monty since you have 2 speedys
  6. I have Azur Speedy 30 and wear denim alot and no color transfer, go for it it's a very pretty bag!!
  7. Azur Speedy
  8. About the 2 speedies thing.. im about to sell the Mono 25 so yeah it would be only one!
  9. Montorgueil PM
  10. Hmmm.....I can see why you're torn! Do you a have a spring/summer bag? I know mono can be worn any time, but it's nice to have a classic bag for the warmer months. The Speedy is definitely a classic. I had tried both, but since I already have several mono pieces, I went for the Speedy. I don't know anything about denim transfer. It hasn't happened so far. If the straps had been longer on the PM, maybe I would have gotten that, but if I can't carry on my shoulder, it's almost like having another speedy, only it would hang further down and maike it easier for someone to grab, since it's so obviously an LV. Most people don't recognize the Damier checkerboard. Then there is the price, the Speedy is a bit cheaper, but that's not really a deterrent, if you're spending that much money. Good luck.
  11. Definitely the monty, you'll appreciate the shoulder bag aspect more in the summer - I bought the azur speedy last summer for warm weather use and all I can think about is my sweat getting the handles dirty ! :shame:
  12. Montorgueil PM
  13. If you want a shoulder bag, the Monty is your better bet. But I love the azur, so that's getting my vote!
  14. Well I was planning on using my Neverfull MM as my summer shoulder tote, but the Monty has also caught my eye recently! Im so torn ..I think ill go with the Speedy because I dont want to use my Damier ebony during summer and I plan on selling my Mono 25, so I can use my Neverfull MM as a shoulder bag and now the Azur Speedy as a handheld this summer...I And ill end up getting the Montorgueil eventually..I would love Monty even more if it was in DAMIER:heart: I really need a Damier shoulder bag too!
  15. Since the warm weather is finally almost here...I vote for the Azur 25, it is a gorgeous bag and one that you don't see all over the place!