Azur Speedy 25 or 30?

  1. Hi Everyone, could you kindly give me some advice on what size azur speedy to get?

    I am just over 5'4", and weigh about 105 pounds....

    I have the Damier speedy in 30, and it's great. I certainly don't ever fill it up completely, so space wouldn't be a problem with the azur 25.

    My mom thinks that since the azur is a lighter colour and more for warmer weather, it would be cuter and suit me better in the 25 size.

    I know I may be sounding a little silly since I already have a 30 in another colour to compare sizes with; but I'm on the waiting list for the 25 and I just want to be sure that that is the right size in the azur for me.

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :confused1:
  2. For your size, I think a 25 would suit you best. :smile:

    Good luck with your decision! ;)
  3. I am 5' 5" and a few lbs more than you, and I have the 25. I love it!
  4. I'd go with the 25 if you don't lug so much stuff around- I bought the 30 because I carry EVERYTHING!
  5. i am in love with the 25, you should get that, plus i like how the "louis vuitton paris" squares are more centered and like smack in the middle, unlike the 30. ...but, thats just me though, i'm neurotic about things having to be even like;)
  6. I am the same height as you and I have a azur 25 and a damier 25. IMO, it is the perfect size for my height. Plus, if you already have a damier 30, then you should probably go with a different size for the azur. ;)
  7. i have the 30 and find that it looks quite big and i'm 5'7" so i think the 25 would look better on you
  8. I DEFINITELY advise you to get the size 25 without any doubts. I agree with your mother. It looks cuter in that size. The 30 looks huge in the azur prints.
  9. 25 will look really really cute
  10. I'm in love w/ the size 30... so I'd go w/ that! I'm 5'2" and USED to be 100 (but gained 10 pds. in 2 months:crybaby: ) and I think the 30 looked great on me!!!
  11. I think you should go for the 25.
  12. My mono Speedy 30 is just great! I have been carrying it around for 5 years now.. :love:

    Yet, I just got my name on the wait list for a Damier Azur 25 :yahoo:

    I don't know if it's because of its light colour or because I just wanted a different bag (though I have many others..) but this time I made my mind for the smaller size :tender:
  13. I prefer the size of the 25. As much as I like the look of a bigger bag on other people, it's not for me. The 25 holds a lot without being huge. Good luck with your decision.
  14. 25 is nice in the lighter colour!
  15. I have the same dilemma! I'm 5'6'' and 125 pounds and I already have a damier speedy 30 and a cerises speedy (25).
    With your size and frame I'd get the 25.