Azur Speedy 25 or 30? Help, please!

  1. :confused1: Ok, I know there are other threads like this out there, but now I need help. I want to get my 1st Speedy & I love the new Azur line (saw it IRL Saturday!). I have to call NM asap to order one before the price increase but I cannot decide between the 25 or 30. I'm 5'7" so I'm leaning towards the 30, but the 25 is cute too. What to do...suggestions please??
  2. For this line I think 25...I like the smaller stuff better :shrugs:
  3. Do you like big bags or small bags? I'd personally go for the 30...
  4. I am 5'5 and I love the larger bags, it all depends on what you like, personally I would say go with the 30!
  5. For your height, the 30 might look better!
  6. I usually do like larger bags.
  7. i have your hight and i have both sizes but for a light colored summer bag i say go 25!
  8. idk I think I like the 25 better, but I'm short so maybe for your height the 30 is better
  9. 30 for me ;)
  10. Def. get the 30, then! And I think it'll be great for your height. :yes:
  11. 25!
  12. 30...... 25 is way small I am tall too and wish I would have gotten the 35 in the mono....
  13. I'm 5'7" and I like the 25. :yes:The 30 really isn't that much bigger, but I like the proportions of the 25 better.
  14. So far it looks like 30 is barely coming ahead (maybe I should've done this thread as a poll?) :hrmm: hehe Thanks for everyone's input! I'm still torn though...ahhhh!
  15. I like the 30 for its size 'cos then I can really pack it in...the 25's actually prolly enough proportion wise (I'm 5'5") u like to carry tons of things with u (if yes, get the 30)? do u like ur handbags small, compact and cute (if yes, get the 25)? in any case, u won't go far wrong with either...I don't really recall seeing anyone that looked too tall/short for their speedies (IMO).