Azur Saleya PM as carryon??

  1. im leaving for cali in a couple of weeks and ive been debating whether i should use my azur saleya pm as a carryon or just stick with my mini lin speedy??

    id like to use my BH but i dont want my things spilling out at security :sweatdrop:

    Thanks In Advance!!!!
  2. Is it big enough? It wouldn't be for me...but then I carry a lot of junk.
  3. Even for me the Saleya PM wouldn't be big enough as a carryon, I'd say MM or GM would be better. Anyway, out of the two I think the Speedy would be a better choice.
  4. Saleya but in the MM or GM size. I am getting the Damier Saleya MM for my travel bag for this summer.
  5. i wouldnt think it would b big enough.
  6. The Saleya PM seems too small to me, unless you tend not to carry a lot.

    Have you considered your BH? I know you don't want to, but when I was travelling a couple months ago, I would always see this bag. Seems like a good travel bag to me. :smile:

    Oh, and the security thing...I used an open top Coach bag, and it didn't bother usually put your things in a cubby box that goes on a conveyer will have to look inside it, anyway, and my bag came back to me just fine.
  7. Saleya PM is definitely small for carryon. Would be a great small purse though.
  8. yea i was thinking it would be kind of small, i was hoping to worked out for some of you, but thats great insight on the BH!
  9. maybe if you carry the dustbag too in case of a dirty floor or xray situation.
  10. ^^

    Thats a great idea! i didnt even think of that! and yea, their bins and floors are probably icky!!!

  11. I saw a woman carrying a PM 2day and it def didn't look big enought for a trip.