Azur Salaya MM or Speedy 25 or 30?

  1. I was set to go look at the Azur Speedy 25 & 30 this weekend and decide on one. Now I'm thinking about the Salaya though. I think the Speedy 30 is too big for me (I'm, 5'1" and when I bought my mono 25 I tried both and the 30 looked silly on me - though I like it on others!) SO, now I'm not sure what to get. Help!
  2. i :heart: my azur speedy 25! but if you prefer a shoulder bag, then get the azur saleya mm.
  3. Ooo, get that saleya mm! I love the shape of that bag.
  4. The Salaya MM is BIG!! Much bigger than a Speedy 30. The Salaya PM is bigger than a Speedy 25 but a bit smaller than a Speedy 30. I have the PM and a 25. I can fit a lot more in the Saleya PM than in my Speedy 25 and the opening of the Saleya is big - bigger than a 30. Also there's a place for your cellphone inside. You should go to the boutique and try them all on - Saleya PM, MM & Speedy 25 & 30.

    Saleya PM
    13.7" L x 9" H x 5.9" W
    Saleya MM
    17.7" L x 11".2 H x 7.9" W

    I think a Speedy 25 is only 10 X 7 1/2 ???
  5. i :heart: the salaya!! it is SO cute! and, it can fit on your shoulder
  6. The Saleya PM would be a better size for 5'1'' if you don't like big bags and feel overwhelmed by the size. The Saleya MM is huge in comparison with the Speedy 30 and you don't like that already.
  7. Azur Saleya MM!!!
  8. Thank you for all the great feedback. I think I messed up on the names - It was the Saleya PM that I was thinking of. Guess I typed too fast without thinking (even spelled it wrong). I just can't decide. Now I'm contemplating getting it in the classic damier and just waiting for an azur til summer. Must be the rainy weekend and the thought of not wanting to use my mono/vachetta in the rain.
  9. I'll be bias and vote for the Azur Speedy 30 since I have one. But for your height, I think 25 would look better. Saleya is also a great bag if you can wear it on your shoulders.
  10. I like the saleya mm.
  11. Saleya PM seems to be better on your frame, but it depends on how each look on you-i've seen some one your frame pulled off MM w/o no problem! Also it depends on how many things you carry.
  12. I wouldn't get the MM, if the 30 is too big for you... Have you thought about the PM? I like the look of the Saleya, but the shape isn't that practical IMO. My vote for the Speedy :yes:
  13. Just curious - Why do you feel the shape isn't as practical as the Speedy? I'm still so undecided!!
  14. Thats a hard questions because I love both. I would probably get the Saleya because its a shoulder bag..
  15. Azur Saleya MM