Azur Riviera PM reveal - let spring commence!

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  1. Hi ladies! Cannot. Contain. My. Excitement!

    I have too many Speedy's. So, I wanted a soft and pliable Azur piece to replace my Azur Speedy B. Didn't know that one was even going to come out until a few days ago when I came across the new spring pieces being launched TODAY.

    It was a tough call between the PM and MM and it took some serious thought. After some mirror-action, made a choice for the PM as I love how dainty it looks. I admit: it is a teeny, tiny bit too small as the bottom is rounded and not rectangle like the NF. But the MM was too big for me to feel comfortable with in a "bright" colored bag. The MM is a little bigger than the MM NF (I think) and for me, the PM NF does the trick, if we're talking about NF preference.

    Oh and the braided HANDLES. OH GAWD the braided handles! Swoon!

    PM: $1650
    MM: $1810

    Blah, blah, blah... here she is for feasting upon: my brand new Azur Riviera PM.

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  2. Some comparisons between MM and PM. The MM doesn't "look" too big but it sure felt too big for me. I'm 5'3''. I did like how the MM slouches tho; the PM doesn't slouch as much b/c its smaller.

    Inside the PM:
    Pochette Cles
    NF Pochette
    Mini Pochette
    Balenciaga Pencil
    Reusable bags

    Side note: MADE IN FRANCE, yo! :smile: :smile:

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  3. Beautiful! Congrats on a gorgeous new piece!
  4. lovely! congrats
  5. beautiful, congrats.
  6. Congrats! Very pretty!

  7. Were you in the Palo Alto store? I think I was there at the same time admiring the bags you were trying. I left with the azur favorite mm (to be revealed later). Congrats on your lovely purchase!
  8. Very pretty. Looks great on you. Congrats! :smile:

  9. What a small LV world... Yes I was! I was only trying these two bags, near the back by the Damier Graphite collection. Where were you? I saw one lady trying on a wallet, and another with the DE Favorite. And another with a coral vernis piece.

    Let's see your reveal!
  10. Cute!
  11. Pretty congrats. What does it look like on the shoulder
  12. That's a cute bag. I'd say you're ready for spring:smile:
  13. oh wow, thank you so much for posting these pics! your riviera is just beautiful and the photos you posted are really helpful for those of us who aren't near a store to judge the size. you are definitely ready for spring. congrats and enjoy!

  14. I was probably the one with the wallets. Funny how we all scope out what the others are looking at :smile:
  15. Lovely and look great on you! Congrats :smile: