Azur & Red Trio pix~for Arnott ^^

  1. Alrighty, I've attached some pix of the famous (yeah right:sweatdrop: )Red Trio and pair them up w/Azur per Arnott's request. Speaking of Pomme d'Amour, Vernoika, i am still waiting for ur Perle Cles and Framboise Brentwood pix :nuts:
    Azur pomme.jpg Azur & me.jpg Azur bubble.jpg Azur Red trio.jpg Azur vx Red Trio.jpg
  2. looking good!
  3. Very nice..I prefer the pomme d'amour with azur.
  4. Hot!
  5. thanks, but i actually like the Rouge from Epi more than the Vernis, the old red now is orange next to Pomme and Rouge, Pomme is have too many blue hue to it when the light bulb is not yellow's hard to find my perfect red ^^;
  6. the pomme looks amazing with the azur!
  7. Great colour comparsion pics, thanks for sharing.
    Love your red cles collection!:nuts:
  8. Thanks for the pics
  9. cute!
  10. is that the 30?? *making me rethink my wanting to get a 25* lol. great were back to this!
  11. yup, it's 30. 25 's handle and body's proportion is funny for me, reminds of me those wobbly head figures, 30 also have bigger opening so i don't scratch myself w/zipper too close to my hand.
  12. Very nice photos ....looks great on you:heart:
  13. Holy crap! :wtf: I expected just the pomme cles attached, not all three! :roflmfao: Thanks for posting! :nuts: You look good.
  14. Pomme D'Amour looks good against Azur! :wlae:
  15. oooh pretty cles ... mmmmm!