Azur pouchette, yes or no?


Should I get the Azur pouchette

  1. DUH! it's so cute & matches nicely with any casual outfit

  2. NO! save some money on your next purchase & avoid getting yelled at!

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  1. recently i got my first LV pieces (thanks to my honeyy).. pics shown in my other thread.. and now i'm having trouble deciding whether or not i should get the azur pouchette. my dilemma is this: my family is against me buying expensive designer bags when i'm so "young" (according to them i'm still a student), so is my bf... but i kind of want to get the azur pouchette before the canadian price increase... should i get it or not? i'm not a makeup person, so i don't put any makeup stuff in it.. probably just a wallet, cell phone, ipod, digital camera (occassionally), and hopefully a bottle of water (occasionally). would the pochette fit all that?
  2. It would fit a small wallet, cell and ipod, I doubt it would fit the camera unless it was one of the credit card thin ones. And it definitely won't fit a water bottle, even by itself.
    These are just for quick trips mine, I usually carry a small wallet like a billfold, cell (unless I put it in my pocket), 1 lip gloss, a pen and my 4 key holder.

    Here are links to a couple of pics of what people carry in theirs:
  3. ^^ thanks for the links! since the search button's disabled i wasn't able to find the link to that thread.
  4. definitely get it!!! its one of those buys that will be your "go to bag" for a night out or a quick errand. it acutally holds a lot too.
  5. You're welcome!
    Search is back now by the way. :tup:
  6. Yep- definitely won't hold a water bottle. But it is a great staple and a perfect spring/summer bag.
  7. Get it, I have one in Mono and I love it!
  8. i wonder how much it will be after price increase...
  9. I say definitely get it before that price increase hits. :yes:
  10. thanks guys.. i probably would have to hide it from almost everyone until a later time... haha.. i can't tell them 2 days in a row i got all these things... but sigh* there goes another $300
  11. The pochette is so handy and versatile I say get it before the price increase!
  12. Get it! I love's a perfect little bag, especially for spring. I have it in mono as well.
  13. yes go for it! It's a cutie!
  14. It won't really hold all of that. I would definitely get it. Its my only azur piece and I love it. I don't really like the patina look with the azur, but on the pouchette it hardly matters. As for people being against you buying designer stuff while still being young and being a student, I think they have it all wrong. I don't know your particular circumstances, but I am a full time student. I don't have children, bills, or rent to pay. In my opinion now is the time to splurge on yourself, as later on in life with kids and everything you might not get the chance. Good Luck
  15. i know what you mean.. that's my take on it too.. but i guess my family isn't one of those well-to-do families and it does make me feel guilty spending so much on bags and stuff especially not like i need all of that because i have other bags at home.. but i'm so in lvoe.. what should i do?