azur pochettes made in..

  1. where? I swear there was a thread on this, correct? I can't seem to locate it?

    Are azur pochettes made in france? Mine is made in Spain :sad:
  2. Spain. So far all the ones I've seen have been made in Spain. I don't see why there's anything to be sad about, as long as LV is LV!
  3. At least it's not Made in India :p

  4. :roflmfao: i'm still laughing as I'm typing
  5. I thought most or all were made in Spain
  6. Mine is Spain also. :yes:
  7. I heard my SA told me that nowaday partial of wallets are made in Spain b/c LV has set up a new plant in Spain. Don't worry ! So long not made in India (as ValleyOppressed said) :roflmfao:
  8. I've only seen Made in Spain thus far.
  9. ^:yes: hehe, yes there was a thread on this. I posted not too long ago but i forget the title. I tbelieve all the azur pochettes are made in Spain as I looked into it also. Only the mini azur pochettes are made in France.