Azur Pochette!

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  1. i know that everyone's really excited about the azur line coming out on nov 1st and so far pics of the speedy and saleya are out. however, has anyone seen pics of the pochette? i have seen pics of the MINI pochette but what i really want is the pochette! there is one that's gonna come out right?!?

    is it gonna be priced similar to the navona?

    i know i will be so tempted by the mini pochette (since it's so cute) but it would be more practical for me to get the pochette!

    is anyone else going to get the pochette when it comes out on nov 1st?! has anyone seen it irl yet? how is it? i'm so excited!

    and damn lv! with the price increase, my goal of saving for the daimer speedy AND the azur pochette is gonna take longerrrr!
  2. also do we know how much the pochette would cost?
  3. Yeah.. I wanna see pics too!!

    I'm thinking its going to look similiar to the Navona..
  4. There will be a Azur Pochette, exactly like the mono canvas pochette. The price should be about the same.
  5. I saw some Damier Azur wallets at the Soho store today and they were TDF! :love:
  6. Sheer excitement..!:heart:
  7. darn! i really need to see this line irl!!! everyone's saying it's TDF. i'm getting so excited! why is nov 1st so far away!!!
  8. I'm actually thinking of getting a pochette too when I go to TO in Nov....i'm wondering what i can fit into the regular pochette size and the mini one...

    anyone have the regular pochette can you tell me if I can fit in a digi cam (small thin one), lip gloss, keys and money?!?!?! I'd like to get it in azur!
  9. I'm pretty sure the stuff you listed fits into the regular pochette! It fits quite a lot...
  10. is the azur pochette coming out on Nov 1st also?! Or at a later date?
  11. Pochettes good.
  12. Yeah... the Pochette looked sooo cute when I saw it at the store today!!!

  13. OMG you saw the pochette?!?!?! In azur?!?!?! so they doo have them then?!?!?! do you know how much it was?!?! same price as mono?!?!
  14. Yup.

    On the top display were small leather goods:
    Porte Tresor [with zipper inside]
    Zippy Wallet
    Pochette Cles
    Koala Wallet

    Bottom of display: