Azur pochette - Yes or No?

  1. I'm torn deciding whether to buy a Damier Azur pochette or not! I like how it's all summery-springy, and would look good with jeans. Those who own it, tell me the good things about it. :biggrin: I think I need just a tad more convincing before I succumb, lol.
  2. hi! i just bought an azur pochette yesterday!!! what convinced me was that even though it is small, it can fit quite a lot (my ludlow, cles, ds, cellphone and keys and lipgloss!). i also think it looks great with darker colours. i wanted something in azur for awhile, but wasn't ready to 'commit' to a speedy in azur, kwim? she is going to have her debut tomorrow!
  3. I say yes, I love mine. It's my only Azur piece though I'd like a Speedy eventually.
  4. I was considering this! I definitely know that when I do get anything in Azur, it will have to be a shoulder bag because I would be too afraid of denim transfer with a hand-held from my jeans. Go for it!
  5. It is also my only Azur piece! I love it! Cute, compact, gorgeous! Most ppl dont know that its LV and I get compliments on it all the time! GET IT :heart:!!
  6. Might as well, lol. Wonder how to accesorize it?
  7. Bought it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  8. With any of the LV keyrings !!
  9. Wow, that was quick! I think one of those inclusion Speedy keychains would be cute...grey, blue or amarante, maybe?
  10. I was on, and it was sort of an impulse buy. :shame:
  11. ^^you won't regret it...i also went to LV yesterday 'just to look', and before i knew it, i said 'i'll take it!'
  12. Congrats on your azur pochette! I have an azur speedy and love it!
  13. Thanks! Should be here in a week! :yahoo:

    Now bring on the charms to accesorize :drool:
  14. get it! it use it to run errands and it's such a refreshing color...all seasons! i also use it to go to friend's house and dinner...a get a lot of should get one!
  15. Congrats on your purchase. I have the Azur Speedy 30 and the T&B pochette. You'll be able to fit more in the pochette than you'd think. Enjoy it!