Azur Pochette-Mini or Reg Size?

  1. Which size should I get? I like the spaciousness of the larger one, but I do adore the gold chain on the mini....I think it really makes the bag. What would you do?
    azur pochette.jpg azur mini pochette.jpg
  2. I love the mini but the regular size is more practical. I'm still debating between the two myself. :confused1:
  3. The reg-size Azur Pochette is more practical (size-wise). However, the little chain on the Mini Pochette is what gives it that extra bit of character.

    Hmm...looks like you're gonna have to toss a coin on this one! :lol:
  4. I'm in the same boat as you guys. I can't decide which one to get either. Love the chain on the mini but feel that it is too small to wear over the shoulder. Would it be possible to buy the chain separately and put it on the regular pochette?
  5. I already looked into this w/ LV and they do not sell the gold chain strap seperately :o( That would be perfect, of course, to have the gold chain on the larger pochette. I think I may get the mini anyways as I think the contrast of the gold chain on the lilac/gray check pattern is so sharp. I have the mini in mono and it can go over the shoulder, but it looks a little silly imho. It looks best carried as a clutch, which I prefer anyways. :o)
  6. i like the regular once since I think I will already have trouble fitting all my things inside it...the mini has not even crossed my thought...maybe as a hanging accessory, but not as a bag to use.
  7. I actually forgot---you could always buy the key chain extender, as that would make the strap on the mini pochette longer and easier to wear on the shoulder!
  8. I love the mini-pochette! That is going to be my next purchase!
  9. I agreed... The regular Azur Pochette is more practical since most everybody likes to wear it everyday as a small clutch/shoulder purse.

    The Mini Pochette is wonderful for those formal night outs like to the theater or a party were you don't want your purse clutter your seating area and you don't need much.:flowers:
  10. Yea, regular is more practical.. you can fit more stuff into it. I just ordered it through elux yesterday.. and I asked for free shipping and she said yes!!! :biggrin:
  11. I'm in the same trouble. But i decide to buy the regular pochette just because it fits more and i can use it better. Next year i will buy the Azur Speedy and then i buy also the Mini.
  12. both are so nice
  13. I agree that regular is more practical.
  14. Seems like there are a few of going through the same thing...I am going today
  15. i am trying to make this decision too as i am going to the boutique tomorrow.. leaning towards the mini and maybe next year ill buy the regular pochette