Azur Patina after 3 mths Pics!

  1. I thought you would all like to see the patina processon the azur bags. Its still light but progressing.


    3 months after:

  2. it's pretty!!! good thing you are letting it turn naturally unlike some other girls on previous threads doing it on purpose...
  3. Have you carried it?? Or have you set it out in the sun? What is your secret? I got one the other day and I just put it away immendiatly! The handles are so white...I really do not want to get them dirty! Yours looks great!
  4. It is very pretty! Makes me want one even more now...
  5. i have been using it. no tanning. au natural as louis intended. I am really careful though when it comes to touching the vachetta. clean dry hands, no lotions.
  6. Very Very beautiful. I think the Azur pieces with the patina turning honey are the prettiest! Warms up the Azur and pulls out the undertone creme and blue....thanks for showing us!
  7. Oh..I love Azur speedy!
  8. I love it.:drool: But I know if it I were to buy it, it would get ruined especially with our lovely Great British weather:sad:
  9. She looks beautiful!
  10. same. think i had a habit of make up on my hands if i was in a hurry to get out of the house or was running late. but when it comes to the new pieces i've got, including azur speedy, hands are always washed, clean, and dry.
  11. Pretty! I can hardly see the patina.
  12. Gorgeous - I can't wait until another few months and see the progression!

    Thanks for sharing!
  13. that's pretty. i want a speedy azur also.
  14. It looks nice!
  15. its funny, when your bags patina, it is so hard to remember them as perfectly white!
    your azur looks fabulous!