azur papillon

  1. i was browsing eluxury and daydreaming of what bag i would get next if i strike the lottery (anyone else does that or is it only me?) and i was looking at the damier canvas papillon (it's a beautiful bag!) and i was thinking a papillon in the azur print would be SOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!! is LV going to come up with new styles for the azur print? i figured people here would know. (:
  2. Oh milodrinker that would be a gorgeous bag! I wonder if they would.
  3. sighs. i know! i can soooooo imagine myself carrying it. hahahaha.
  4. I am thinking more bag styles will come out soon... slowly but surely.
  5. they probably will since epi and vernis come out with similar styles as the papillon (soufflot?)
    love my damier papillon ;)
  6. I want one :nuts:
  7. You´re right it would be great!
  8. would love the papillon, hope it comes out at my local LV store
  9. I wish they'd make the BH in Azur....:drool: :sweatdrop: :nuts:
  10. I wish they made all the icon bags in azur! I am so in love with this line.
  11. Oooooo, yes that would be perfect!!! Id so get that if it were available!!!! I think that it would look way better than the dk Damier.....
  12. If they did, I would get one...
  13. oo You're right! That would be veryyyy nice!
  14. I want one....Azur Papillon!!!

    Ps. in size 30 please
  15. That would be a beauty (love the pap)! If they come out with an azur mini noe I'll be all over it!