Azur Papillon 30..

  1. Do you girls think Papillon 30 will be available later in Azur line? I am loving my pochette:yes: and I will love to have my favorite shape of bag with that pattern.:drool:
  2. its funny u say that cuz i was wondering the same thing!
  3. i would love papillon 26
  4. wow, a papillon would look AMAZING in the azur print!
  5. hmm imagine they do?!!? i mean the damier has a 30...hmmm ;)
  6. That would be a great bag, in fact I thought I had seen a picture of the papillon in damier azur when the collection was first shown. I had a very clear mental image of it and was so disapointed when I didn't see it online. I thought I had somehow missed it at first :P
  7. I would be thrilled with a azur papillon 26, or even a 19 for evening---that would be absurdly cute!
  8. Can't wait if a papillon azur is indeed in the pipeline...would be so very cute!
  9. ooo a pap 19....i would love that!
  10. oooh I hope so!! It would be so cute!!
  11. Oooh that would be awesome! I'd run to the store to get one!:amuse:
  12. I hope it comes around February (Bday and Valentines) :graucho:
    I believe I am ready sold on that one.
  13. hmmm, that sounds good I think I'd get it too
  14. Hey, I actually called 866 Vuitton about that. Since Azur is set to be a permanent collection, they will be adding new styles. The CS guy I spoke with (Jason) said that all the icon bags are generally added first, so hopefully papillon will be coming soon! He said they also make it a point to introduce brand new styles that are particularly for just one line (for example, duomo only comes in damier) so it'll be fun to see what LV has in the works for azur!
    I can also ask my friend who works for LVMH group. But they tend to be pretty secretive with things...
  15. Thanks for the info... :flowers:

    If it's possible, I'd like to have azur bucket as well .... :P