??Azur p. Noe or White MC Noe??

  1. So I'm having a hard time deciding on what I am going to get next and would love the opinions of my fellow tpfers. I have just recently bought my first LV's in mono. Wanting something for spring/summer and can't decide azur or whitemc?? Help...:shrugs:
    Thank you in advance. I value all of your opinions:cutesy:
  2. My vote is for azur or ivorie epi!
  3. Hard choice, both are gorgeous! I would choose the white MC personally though :smile:
  4. If you could choose between azur PETIT noe and white mc noe id choose azur...but I thought they only had regular noe in azur?? Correct me if im wrong because I would LOVE a petit noe in azur :smile:
  5. white MC petit noe!!
  6. Is there an azur petit noe? I though they only have it in Noe:confused1: My vote is for Azur anyway. I'm not a fan of the White MC Petit Noe after seeing and trying it on, but I do love the black one, which I have.
  7. white mc noe
  8. White MC!!! Such a fun bag~
  9. azur noe!
  10. No azur p. noe that was a mistake sorry meant mc p. noe sorry:shame:
  11. My vote is for the white MC noe, post pics when you get it, if you do
  12. MC Noe
  13. MC petit noe
  14. MC petit noe
  15. White MC! It's so pretty and fun!