Azur owners...PLEASE HELP!!

  1. OK, this probably makes me look completely insane, but I was looking at my azur speedy this morning in the daylight. On some of the cream colored squares, I see a faint blue/black line....almost looks like a pen mark, but it's too thin to be one. Can you guys look over your bags and let me know if this is normal before I completely freak out?!!! :crybaby: It's not on all the squares and you kind of have to tilt it in certain directions to see some of them. Thank you for understanding how ridiculous I can be when it comes to my bags!!
  2. I am not sure what you mean, do you have the pics??

    One thing I notice form Azur when I see closely, there is shade of beige and I thought it's dirty but actually just the color.
  3. Pic would definitely help.
  4. um...itsn't this normal?
  5. I couldn't get my camera to capture it. It's on the beige colored blocks....there's like a blue/black line running through some of them. It almost looks like a thread or a thin, thin pen mark. It's very strange. The only way I noticed was under good light. It's not noticeable from a distance, but it still bugs me and ticks me off!
  6. I'm not sure if it is. It's not the blue blocks....I know that's normal!
  7. I saw that in the boutique and that's why I didn't buy it....i thiink it's how the patches are almost grainy
  8. I just looked my entire speedy over top, bottom and sides, and could not find anything like that. Yes the patches are grainy but there isnt any lines going through the beige squares.

  9. hahah I thought that too!!!
  10. Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing....the lines are very fine, not noticeable unless you know where they are. It still bugs me though. I just want to know if it's a defect or if others have these.
  11. Doesn't it also have blue streaks in the squares so that the shades of blue become darker or lighter and turns grayish with the dark beige streak?
  12. I know what you mean, but these are in the beige squares. They're not in all of them and they're very fine lines. It's almost like their threading in the canvas or those little threads in dollar bills.
  13. i checked every square of my speedy, but none of em have blue mark/threads, perhaps you might want to check w/LV to see what they can do about it?
  14. I don't see any on mine, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough :p
  15. im glad to know about this before i get some azur!!