Azur owners help please :)

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  1. Hello ladies I'm thinking of getting a wallet in azur print for spring summer but I own a azur key pouch and I have stopped using it because I got my MC key pouch but my azur has pink colour transfer from my laptop and I want to ask you ladies how is the wear of your azur? Should I go ahead and purchase the wallet? Can you ladies give me more info on how to maintain or treat azur? Thanks a lot :smile:
  2. I have the azur speedy and key pouch (assuming you mean the cles? Its a small zip card holder with the key thing hanging off) and have not had any issue with color transfer.

    How did your laptop transfer color? I would use a baby wipe and try to clean it off, I once got neon green highlighter on my azur bag because it was on a folder I was using. The baby wipe took it right off. The only thing I "worry" about is I do not wear azur with medium or dark denim. Only very light denim thats been washed several times, cotton pants, or dress type pants.

    If you can put your wallet into a pocket in your bag away from the main compartment or, if your really concerned keep it in its little dust cover inside your bag. You can also buy really small things of baby wipes (travel size section at target/walmart) and keep it in your bag. You can wipe off any thing you notice right away. Hope that helped :biggrin:
  3. well theres a chance it will transfer but if you wont rub it agains it hard I think youll be safe
    anyway I love the color