azur or vernis cles?


which cles should i get/keep?

  1. damier azur

  2. vernis (pomme d'amour or framboise)

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  1. every time i look at a pic of someone's vernis cles, i REALLY want one! :shame: i just got my azur cles last week, but haven't used it yet.

    should i exchange my azur cles for a vernis cles (most likely in pomme, MAYBE framboise)? any opinions?

    i know the vernis is smaller and more delicate (in terms of color transfer and stuff). does anyone have pics of the vernis with cards inside? (couldn't find one when i did a search...)

    TIA! :heart:
  2. I don't know how many cards alone you can fit into a vernis cles, but I know not that much. When the leather relaxed on my pomme cles, I only managed to fit in 3 cards (my debit card, and 2 ids), some rolled up cash (only about $15 which was more like 4 bills of paper), and some change.

    The azur cles will definitely hold a lot more.
  3. I'd keep the azur and get the vernis at a later date. I've recently discovered that you cannot have too many cles'.........:heart:
  4. Get both! J/K
  5. i think every collection should have 1 versatile cles in either mono/damier/pefo/azur and 1 "dressier" cles in either MC/Vernis/epi therefore, I say you should get both! LOL.

    right now I only have damier cles and at the moment it holds about 10 frequent buyers cards and business cards (maybe 15?!) but they are all paper cards so thinner..kwim?

    I inquired about vernis and it is able to hold like bernz said, 2-3 plastic cards and a few coins and dollars...
  6. You can fit more in the Azur than the Vernis Cles.
  7. I would keep the azur and get a vernis later on.

    I myself only own a white MC cles and I keep thinking I should get a damier as well... but I am on a serious ban right now and don't NEED another cles, so maybe in a few months.

    My multicolor cles holds a few cards, I use it for my transit pass and a few other things like Safeway card, discount cards, etc, plus keys attached to the chain. I really like it.

    To keep the zipper from snagging on cards, press your finger along the zipper before you open it to push everything down and away from the teeth.
  8. Damier Azur: it fits more.
  9. I'd keep the DA Cles and get a Pomme Vernis Cles later on down the road.
  10. Get both! :graucho:

    Keep the Azur and get the Vernis Cles later. :heart:
  11. [​IMG]

    my new-ish framboise cles ... I could fit more in my older noisette one, but I think this one just needs to be stretched out a bit. I have 4 credit type cards, 1 paper card, and 2 $1 inside now and was able to fit two more gift cards in there (although it was tight).

    I loooove my framboise cles even though it doesn't hold as much as the azur!! azur is my second favorite cles though, so I think you should own both too, haha.
  12. Azur!
  13. If you can only get one, then I prefer the vernis.
  14. I also think you need both. The azur can be for daily use and the vernis can be for special. The shiny :heart: goodness of the vernis :love: is not to be missed.
  15. I'm not into a vernis line although the new Pomme is very stunning.

    My choice goes for Azur