Azur or regular Damier Speedy?

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  1. Okay, I have to admit that I really did not like the Azur Speedy at first but now I've come to love it. I love the lighter color and think it will be perfect for Spring and Summer.

    Would you go with the regular Damier or the Azur? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. This board will make you crazy....LOL

    I will eventually purchase the Damier (regular) anyway but am just wondering which to go with first. I already have the Mono Speedy 30 and LOVE IT!
  2. I love both damier and azur speedies. Since Spring is here, why don't you get azur first. You can get damier a little later.
  3. i'd go with the regular Damier, because it's so classy and elegant, and low-maintenance
  4. azur speedy for me :smile:
    gorgeous for spring time
  6. I'd get the Regular Damier. ;)
  7. I found this photo on a website. I think it's a shopping blog..forget the name but this is the picture that made me truly want the Azur. It looks so beautiful with white!

  8. I am really liking the azur right now!
  9. Azur... it's so springy!
  10. I'd get the Azur now and the regular one later for fall/winter :yes:
  11. I say Azur since you already have the Mono.
  12. A couple more photos from


    These sandals are cute too..great for vacation!

  13. Oh My! This bag is not on Elux right now. Anyone have any idea of when they will have it in stock again? I know they restock regularly but I guess this is a very popular line and bag right now.

    Will I have to go to the boutique? Should I phone ahead? Thanks!
  14. I have the reg Damier speedy and I :heart: it! I'm not a fan of the azur line.
  15. I saw a girl carrying the Damier Azur Speedy on the street a while back and nearly fainted. It looks stunning IRL. Go for it!