Azur Or Plain Damier For A Keepall..

  1. Traveling this summer and need a keepall. Was going to get the mirror keepall but changed my mind... I want to get the keepall in DAMIER, but should i get it in AZUR or the plain EBONY.. Or should i just get the plain mono canvas keepall..:smile:
  2. hmm...
    i think the azur would look HOT! :drool:
    But can imagine what the vanchetta would look like afterward.... =(
    I'd say Damier :biggrin:
  3. Well i don't usually travel that much and i like when a LV item starts to darken...
  4. I love the look of the azur, but the regular would be more practical.
  5. I like the regular Damier on the keepall better than the Azur. JMO
  6. regular damier :yes:
  7. Ebene because it can withhold stains and such...
  8. Eboy, easier to take care of
  9. regular damier!
  10. love both but i am voting for the damier. i have the keepall in damier and love it to death. good luck!
  11. another vote for Damier ebene :yes:
  12. damier ebene too!!
    u dont have to worry a thing about the vachetta. perfect!
  13. Regular Damier!
  14. Damier
  15. Damier ebene. Very classy.